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Martin Reisch's Artist Resume

Martin Reisch

Photographer | Filmmaker



Martin is a freelance photographer and filmmaker based in Montréal, Québec. His career started in Graphic Design doing CD/DVD cover art and quickly transitioned into photography. While persuing a professional career shooting weddings, theatre and film set photos he discovered a passion for the moving image and cinematography with the Canon 5D Mark II.

Making a fast start with a few small scale music videos for local and international artists led to a fascination with short film format making fashion videos and commercial work and he has continued these throughout his career. Working with more established musicians and directors along the way, bringing a visual aesthetic to their projects Martin is now currently working on a documentary project about small town film theatres in remote Canadian towns. He continues to work on multiple projects as cinematographer and editor.


2019 Sadstronaught II (Moment Invitational Film Festival Short)
2018 OChiSkwaCho (Short) 
2018 Mountain Dust - White Bluffs (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
2017 Murders In The Welcome Café (Short)
2016 Sadstronaught (Toronto International Film Festival Short)
2014 ROLLO (Short)
2013 Krystale - Machine (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
2013 Parlovr - Pen to the Paper (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
2013 Yellow Coats - Natasha Duchene (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
2011 Manhattan Plot - Vessel (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
2010 Adventure Girls III (Video short) 
2008 Last Supper (Short) 
2007 The Enchanted Piano (Short) (still photographer) 
2007 The Enchanted Piano (Short) (special effects)